The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 46

[] The underbrush snapped and shuffled as Davin crawled up next to Aurelia. Dressed in camouflage pants and a black t-shirt, she was laying in the woods behind a partially decayed log two yards west of a horse trail that emptied into a street a stone-throw away. A small, burgundy-colored monument, inscribed with the name […]

Virtual Tour of Archer Avenue: 95th and Kean Ave

Location: The intersection of 95th and Kean Avenue is located next to Hidden Pond Woods, east of Route 45 and 12/20, west of S. 88th Avenue, and south of W. 87th Street. [] East of Fairmount Hills Cemetery along 95th Street lies yet another location in the Archer Avenue “triangle,” an inconspicuous intersection allegedly haunted […]