The Fallen Chronicles: Episode 44

[] Mike knew the Fallen were going to run into trouble when he first saw the black van parked on the side of the road near the Cambridge “Death Curve.” Sure enough, as he got closer, he saw the letters “P.C.P.R.S.” stenciled onto the side of the van in big yellow and orange letters. He […]

The Cambridge Death Curve Part 2: Cries from the Grave

[] Continued from Part 1… Shortly after Julia Markham used an ax to murder her seven children, a postman discovered a letter she had written to her husband. The letter proved the murders had been premeditated. “Dear Clarence,” she wrote. “This is to say goodbye to you. Some give their souls for others, and I […]

The Cambridge Death Curve Part 1: An Unspeakable Crime

[] Life is slow in Henry County, Illinois. With 86.7 percent of its land devoted to agriculture, the most commotion a visitor is likely to hear comes from tractors rumbling across the land as farmers plow their fields. Cambridge, the county seat, is a village of little more than 2,000 residents. Less than a mile […]