Illinois’ Lost Destinations

[] The removal of Morgan Cottage at Manteno State Hospital in Kankakee County, Illinois has added one more landmark to the list of allegedly haunted places lost to legend-trippers over the past two decades. Some, like Alonzi’s Villa in Brookfield, the Lindbergh School on Shoe Factory Road in Hoffman Estates, and Sacred Heart Chapel at […]

Interview with David Lowery, Paranormal Highwayman

David H. Lowery is a life-long paranormal enthusiast now devoting his life to its study and documentation. Known in the field as The Paranormal Highwayman, He is preparing to embark on an adventure on the highways of America, seeking out the paranormal in all forms. Be it cryptid, ghost or UFO, David has the knowledge […]

Interview with Robbin Terry, New Owner of Ashmore Estates

Robbin Terry has had an interest in the Paranormal since purchasing the R Theater in 1999. He has been in the insurance business for over 35 years, 20 of which he has been President of Midwest Classic Insurance. He currently owns a small collection of cars which includes the Mystery Machine from Hanna-Barbera Studios. He has […]

Interview with Scott Kelley, Owner of Ashmore Estates

This is an extended version of our interview with Scott Kelley that we featured in the September 2009 issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois. For the sake of our readers unfamiliar with Ashmore Estates, please reiterate how you came to own the building and what your plans for it were. We designed and […]