Munger Road

Download this issue!Munger Road – Wayne, IL
By Michael Kleen

Like Barrington’s Cuba Road, Munger Road sits at the periphery of the Chicago Suburbs and has attracted a number of strange legends. The road itself penetrates deep into Pratts Wayne Woods and until recently was fairly remote and not very well traveled. Rumors of abandoned houses and occult practices abound. Motorists have also reported being chased by a wolf with glowing red eyes as well as a vanishing Oldsmobile.

Perhaps the most famous legend centers on the now-defunct railroad tracks that intersect with Munger. The legend is a familiar one: three children pushed a baby carriage across the tracks just in time to save it from a passing train. Unfortunately, the children were killed. Today, if your car happens to stall on the tracks, phantom hands will push it to safety. While that is a common rural legend, a train did in fact derail nearby…

The many legends of Munger Road were the backdrop for the 2011 horror movie of the same name, written by Nicholas Smith and produced by Kyle Heller. In the film, two police officers from St. Charles hear about four teenagers who have gone missing while investigating the story of the children killed at the train crossing. They fear that a serial killer is involved in the disappearance of the teens.

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  1. jessica says:

    wow that`s scary.


  2. Munger Road is still a public road and is open to traffic (I’ve seen plenty of cars on that road). Also, the railroad tracks are not defunct, it is the same railroad tracks that intersect on Route 59. As for the ghost kids pushing your car, that’s actually gravity taking its course because the tracks are on a hill and causes an optical illusion.


  3. Aimee says:

    Your an idiot. I lived there in 79′ just down the road and bad things happened there. Someone died there. We used to see & hear people & then they weren’t there. My skin crawls now remembering my childhood and my dad severely warning us to stay away from there & then experiencing things I cannot explain.


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