Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Download this issue!Mt. Pleasant Cemetery – Claremont, IL
By Michael Kleen

Read about this location and more in Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Definitive Collection

Read about this location and more in Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Definitive Collection

“Olney – Mt. Pleasant Cemetery – An old church stands at the front of the cemetery.  This church is said to be haunted.  When the front door is knocked on sounds are heard within the church, sometimes choirs, footsteps and strange lights.  On some nights funeral sessions are seen at the church.  Although no funerals have taken place there since the 50’s.”

You come across this entry in the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index.  How do you proceed from there?

Firstly, you know nothing if you don’t know exactly where the cemetery is located.  The entry says it’s located in Olney, but do you know that for sure?  Before you get into your car and go on a wild goose chase, you need to check the Internet.  There are several GPS sites that allow you to locate place names.  You will discover that Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is not located in Olney, but is in fact several miles southeast of there.

Print out the map.  Take it with you when you go there (you’d be surprised how many people forget this essential step).

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  1. Lena Long says:

    I have been to this cemetery a few mns ago mysister and I and friend went there and we didnot see anything or see anything,we was there for about one hr looking for familey


  2. michael farmer says:

    Two friends, my wife and I visited this cemetery one night a few weeks ago. We detected several different odors in the air, photographed a lot of orbs, mists, etc. The atmosphere here fits that of a spooky place and is an interesting visit. We didn’t knock on the church door, instead entered the building. We picked up some whispering on our audio device but was unable to clear it up enough to understand what was said.

    This place isn’t really anything to be afraid of, but haunting nevertheless.


    • michael farmer says:

      My wife and I have been there twice. We too got some interesting photos and detected a lot of odors in the air, some not very pleasant. Here is a good one for you. Have you ever heard of Knight’s Prairie church east of Mcleansboro? We got some very good activity there.


    • Please read my comment below, I think we may have experienced almost the exact same thing… If you are interested in investigating further, please contact me on Facebook or Yahoo!.


  3. I was born and raised in Olney, and I have been to Mt. Pleasant Church looking for strange activity a few times. The first time, I found nothing, I didn’t have any equipment with me. But, the last time I went with my two best friends, Todd Hall and Chance Salyers, all from Olney. We felt an odd presence near the back of the graveyard, as if someone were spying on us from somewhere, and smelled a strange odor of sulfur throughout the cemetery. When Chance and I went inside the church, we saw an arrangement of candles in a pentagram in the middle of the church floor, all had burnt wicks, but looked brand new. Very strange. As we were leaving the church, Chance witnessed a shadow of another person in the room, aside from him and myself. He said the shadow resembled the Mad Hatter, from Alice In Wonderland, he had a top hat with hair poking out of the sides. He also said the ‘person’ was holding a staff that almost resembled the scythe that the Grim Reaper would hold, but it was a straight blade, almost like a spear, and the staff was made of gnarled and twisted wood. He said the shadow whispered, but it was inside his head, and it kept repeating one word, that was not derived from any language we have researched. He became very scared, so we left right away. I would like to take a team with us next time we go, with a night-vision camera and a voice recorder. Todd, Chance and I are set on finding out what, or who this person is, we have even discussed taking an Ouija board to try and communicate with this spirit. If anyone is interested in tagging along, or would like to talk about this, you can contact me on Facebook or Yahoo! My name is Tyler Wilkins, and I am 18 years old. My e-mail and Facebook URL can be found below…

    Facebook URL; >> Name: Patrick-Tyler Deshann Wilkins


  4. We were here shortly after these candles were used. They were still warm to the touch. We found NO particular arrangement with them. They were randomly scattered throughout the area of the stage where the pulpit used to be. We saw NO pentagram arrangement of the candles. As I said, they were still warm to the touch. Whoever it was had been there shortly before we came. It was about two am.


  5. On my facebook page for MYSTERY AMATEUR PARANORMAL SOCIETY, I have a photo of the inside of the church and the arrangement of the candles on the floor.


  6. Ashley Jones says:

    Visited the cemetery last week. The church has been torn down and bulldozed over. A cross made of large rocks stands where the church probably was, as well as one of the original wooden beams of the church.


  7. yeah the cemetary is still kind of sketchy. ive been there so many times it doesnt bother me. but me and a friend was there one night and heard a whisper say hello. but if you think deeply enough the distruction of those spirits home could have pissed them off. so we might actually get some good readings.


    • Dustin says:

      Recently went there with another investigator about 10:30 at night, saw an orb shoot past my right leg and captured an EVP that was very loud. The other person mentioned on the audio “it just got real cold” then me saying “did you hear that” because I had my headphones on listening as the EVP was recorded, she said no she didnt hear anything but said she felt someone behind her then an old woman voice said “sound like this?” the other investigator kept talking and didnt even hear that but I heard it through my headphones plain as day and very loud. Needless to say that startled me not expecting to catch anything so we left quick, that place is creepy at night.


      • Son of a preacher says:

        I would not go out there anymore something really bad happened here..I visited 7 years ago..I remember blood print on door and story of farmer who was out there on documentation…There is an unsolved missing persons out there and do believe a spirit is there in bondage…so many people go out there even in groups but there’s always a couple that feel something while rest do not…demons know who you are and your fears…This one prys on those who have had a traumatic experience…for some reason it is trapped there…it never was inside the church…dumbasses with wigi boards and hexes were in there nothing happened….it is still a house of God tainted by God but there was a freshly dug grave out there about 6 years back in marked…for your protection and your family be smart and stay away it is being looked into


  8. Son of a preacher says:

    For protection and your safety and your freinds and family’s do not return out here..something really bad happened here and so much to be explained…There is a spirit that lurks here and is kept here not to leave…explains why people go out in groups and always one or two feel something and rest do not…demons know everything about you and all your fears..This one preys on those who have had a traumatic experience in there life which may be linked to missing persons case that is unsolved here I Don not know…but whether or not you think your prepared or think you can handle it your wrong..your putting your life in danger going out there and without proper tools exposing yourself…don’t return there are higher people working on it


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