Moon Point Cemetery

Download this issue!Moon Point Cemetery – Streator, IL
By Michael Kleen

Read about this location and more in Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Definitive Collection

Read about this location and more in Legends and Lore of Illinois: The Definitive Collection

Moon Point Cemetery is an old graveyard located just south of Streator in Livingston County. Like other rural graveyards, Moon Point became an object of folklore in the late 1960s and ‘70s when local teens, looking for a place to ‘hang out’ after dark, picked this isolated location to drink, spin yarns, and play pranks on one another.

According to the History of Livingston County, Illinois (1878), Moon’s Point got its name from Jacob Moon who, along with his daughter and three sons, was the first to settle that particular area. Moon had fought in the War of 1812, and like other veterans of that war, moved west in search of cheap and abundant land. In 1830, the family settled along a winding creek near a wooded area in Illinois country that became known as Moon Point.

Moon Point Cemetery is located adjacent to Moon Creek, leading many to refer to the graveyard as Moon Creek Cemetery and it is listed as such in the Shadowlands Index of Haunted Places for Illinois. According to the Index, Moon Point is haunted by the ghost of a “hatchet lady.” This lady went insane, the story goes, after either her son or daughter died, and “each night of a full moon a spirit is seen running around the cemetery, tossing hatchets.”

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  1. skuzzy says:

    ive investigated moon point a hundred times and have never caught anything, this is just a urban legend, and from the looks of some of the headstones and beer bottles i wish people would take it off “the list”, i think it is just adding fuel to the fire


  2. skuzzy says:

    Ive been in this field for about 7 years now and one thing i have learned is a story is never just a story and a legend is never just a legend, i have always had a problem with graveyards being on shadow-lands and other websites, teenagers and others who do not care about this field read and hear of these places and though i think it is great when people show an interest in the paranormal, they decide to investigate themselves. They go out to these places and some, not all but some of them get bored if they don’t see anything paranormal and trash these places. i understand that there will always be some bad apples out there but i also understand the power of suggestion especially to small town people with little to do.

    and one thing that should be stressed is the fact that going into cemeteries after dark is ILLEGAL and dangerous, i don’t see these warnings often enough and should be stressed to any would be ghost hunter that happens upon the website.

    it is sad when i go to a graveyard that is supposedly haunted and find smashed graves. We need to remember that these “ghosts” and spirits were once real people with families and friends.

    lol now i will get off of my soap box

    happy hauntings


    • JEB BUCKINGHAM-Washington state says:

      Skuzzy, you’re so right in your last paragraph about how sad it is to go to a graveyard and see smashed graves, and vandalized plots. This is what happened to Bachelors Grove Cemetery in the Rubio Woods, and it was once a beautiful place. Aftyer all the destruction and smashed graves, is it any wonder that it is haunted?


  3. skuzzy says:

    p.s. there are plenty of teams in Illinois, if you want to investigate contact one. and be part of a real investigation. If you want to experience paranormal phenomena you don’t need to go traipsing through a graveyard at 2am


  4. dbish25 says:

    skuzzy it’d be great to go on an actual investigation


  5. Peggy McNary says:

    My entire family is buried in Moon Point. My grandmother took us there for picnics many years ago. The place is totally peaceful–a place of quiet rest. I’m so sorry if those of you who go to graveyards looking for thrills are disappointed. Check the train schedule before you go to MP, and make sure your vehicle is drive-worthy. There is no “Hatchet Lady”, but there are lots of mosquitoes. Moon Point is far from “creepy”. Perhaps because it has a remote location, people consider it creepy. I just consider it my future home.


  6. Back in the 70s and 80s, Moon Creek was a popular place for underage drinking. The story of the Hatchet Lady was just a story older siblings would tell younger siblings. Everyone heard it but back in those days, she was supposedly a real live person who lived in a house out there who would come after your car with a hatchet. Never heard her referred to as a spirit or ghost back then. Never heard of lights, orbs, sounds, cars dying, kids killed on the tracks back then either and where Moon Creek is located is a small town area. Not a chance I believe these things actually happened and no one else heard about it. It would’ve spread like wild fire. Seems like it’s only become a paranormal thing since the paranormal movies and tv shows have come out many years later. Now simple creep out your friend or sibling stories of the past have become “supernatural” and everyone has an experience to tell. If this cemetery is so haunted, why didn’t my older siblings and their friends experience something while out there? Why didn’t me and my friends on the many occasions we went out there walking around at night? Or friends of friends? I’ll tell you why. Because it’s supernatural or paranormal crap that’s based on stories told years ago that were made up stories. To tell the truth, I was more creeped out by the old barn near the cemetery that “supposedl” a man had hung himself in than the cemetery itself but it’s funny I never hear a word about the barn. The only thing anyone needs to fear about Moon Creek or Moon Point Cemetery is the train that used to come at a certain time at night and if you got caught on the cemetery side, you were stuck till it finally passed and might not make it home in time for curfew.


  7. I do agree that is a shame that teenagers do nasty things, like steel grave stones and smash things. I have encountered an experience there when i was a teen checking out that cemetary with other kids in the late seventies. About 4 of us went there on the old legend, being we were all from Streator, we had a more detailed story that the hatchet lady appears on a thursday at midnight and perferably a full moon. We went there and we got out of the car and we could see strange mists around in the back by the trees and tiny orbs floating around. It was a warm summer night and it suddenly seemed chilling for all of us. A girlfriend and i got scared and we jumped in the car and yelled for the other two to get in. They both got in and we could hear the train. I tried to start my car and it would not start. I tried and tried and tried. It suddenly seemed like we were surrounded by fog. My car did not start till the train could no longer be heard and then the fog dissapeared. We were screaming in fear the whole time making sure that the doors were locked. That is another part of the legend “the train” Cars stall when the train goes by and you are in the cemetary at midnight or afterhours. Thats when the hatchet lady appears. There was nothing wrong with my car starter. My dad checked it out the next day. One story told about the train was that a couple of kids were in the cemetary after dark and when they left their car stalled on the tracks it’self and the train killed them.


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