Halfway to Halloween Event at Central Ohio Fire Museum Sold Out

Phantoms and FacadesThe Phantoms & Façades: Engine House No. 16 event at the Central Ohio Fire Museum (260 N. Fourth St. Columbus, Ohio) has SOLD OUT due to popular demand. The event, which takes place this Saturday, May 2, 2015, will feature Daniel Schneider of Ohio Gothic Paranormal. This event will no doubt prove an exciting experience for its participants, who paid $20-25 for the privilege of taking part in a paranormal investigation of the museum. Here is the description from the website:

Since Columbus Landmarks Original Annual Ghost Tours began, folks have been thrilled and chilled by the stories and buildings that are visited every October. Now is your chance to go beyond the typical walking tour. Join Columbus Landmarks Foundation and the Central Ohio Fire Museum on a unique adventure as we celebrate “Halfway to Halloween” on Saturday, May 2 at 7 p.m. Take part in an actual ghost hunt and learn the history and hauntings associated with this landmark building and former James B. Recchie Design Award winner…and maybe have your own paranormal experience.

The No. 16 Engine House was built in 1908 and closed in 1981, but not everyone left. Does Captain Dukeman still look over the building? Stories of the Captain have been circulated since before the engine house closed. On Duty fireman would hear someone walking around on different floors, when they knew those floors were empty. Electrical items sometimes have a mind of their own. The horses can sometime still be heard in the stables…or so the stories go. Join historians and paranormal investigators as YOU take part in searching for evidence of the spirits that are rumored to still haunt this 107 year old structure.

Guests will learn the history of the building and gain intimate knowledge of all four floors while exploring and searching for the unknown. Many of the areas you will be exploring are typically not open to the public. This is a chance to experience the building in a new and different way. You be divided into groups and lead by seasoned ghost hunters as you traverse the building. You will learn and have access to many “tools of the trade” and also feel free to bring your own. Pizza will be served.

Make sure to catch another exciting event next year for Columbus, Ohio’s “Halfway to Halloween” celebration.

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