Support Sought for Afterlife Paranormal Film Festival

Creators of the Afterlife Paranormal Film Festival are looking for financial backers to help them find a new location for the film festival/conference after the unexpected closure of its previous venue. There are several levels of donation, ranging from $25 to $1,000. $1,000 will make you the official festival sponsor, meaning your name and company will appear on all festival promos and ads, you will receive 14 admission passes, and a lot more! There are a lot of smaller donor levels as well.

What does my financial contribution help cover?

“We have a great deal of expenses to make this event keep happening.  Sadly, the event took major financial hits when our previous venue closed unexpectedly.  Now we currently have a few new venue options available to us, but need to raise funds to cover overhead for the venue.  What venue we use will be determined by how much this campaign raises.  All money raised will be put into theater rental, festival submission account deposit (, advertising, print marketing materials, crew needs, table rentals, programs and other various small items needed to bring this fun festival back to life.”

Also known as The Chicago Paranormal Film Festival, this is a paranormal conference that has featured paranormal presentations, celebrities, ghost hunters, vendors, cryptozoologists, UFO researchers, sci-fi lovers and a film festival featuring all independent films of the same genre!  The event was founded by Willy Adkins and is produced by Breaking Fate Entertainment.

Check out the sponsorships at this page and help keep this conference on its feet!


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