September 2013 issue of Bumps in the Night!!! is now available!

CoverPhotoThe September 2013 issue of TNT Paranormal’s newsletter Bumps in the Night!!! is now available!

From the ladies at TNT Paranormal: August has come and gone and so has most of the summer.  September is a fun time with the start of a new school year, fall, and the Halloween season.  Unfortunately the summer here in Chicago felt like an early fall with a lot of the temps staying in the 70s and 80s.  I hope that’s not a omen of the winter to come.

September also means the start of the fall portion of the 2013 Paranormal Lecture Series.  We have 14 programs scheduled this fall at 14 different suburbs around Chicagoland.  The programs offered in September are all the Paranormal 101 programs and can be attended at the following locations:  Arlington Heights Historical Museum, Oak Brook Public Library, and the Berkeley Public Library.  This is our first time at both the Arlington Heights and Berkeley locations.   We hope to see you at one of the 14 programs.

In the September issue of “Bumps in the Night” we will discuss some of the above items as well as other information.  This issue includes:

  • Paranormal “U” article “Shamans”
  • Famous Haunts featuring “Old City Jail”
  • TnT Asks featuring Paul Green, The Psychic Biker
  • Tools of the Trade article “Video Camera Technologies”
  • Ask TnT Paranormal with a question on “Is there any time of the year that “activity” is higher?”
  • Paranormal Talk with Rev. Kathy article
  • Investigator Spotlight featuring Investigator Rena Martinez

To read the issue in it’s entirety click here.

Readers are encouraged and welcome to submit content for the Ask TnT Paranormal, Ghostly Believe it or Not, and What’s on Your Mind columns. Email if you have information you would like included. Also, feel free to print the newsletter, pass along to your friends and family, or have them email Melissa to sign-up for the newsletter.


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