Head 2 Head: Harrison Cemetery vs. Hotel Baker

Harrison Cemetery vs. Baker HotelLocations: Harrison Cemetery in Buckner versus Hotel Baker in St. Charles.

Histories: Harrison Cemetery is one of the oldest graveyards in Franklin County. Although not officially chartered until 1907, it has served area residents for over 120 years and is named after one of the first families to settle Browning Township. The historic Hotel Baker opened on June 2, 1928 and quickly became the toast of the town. It was called the “honeymoon hotel” for its reputation as a getaway and its beautiful riverfront view and garden.

Hauntings: Harrison Cemetery is said to be home to two luminous phantoms. The “male” spirit appears with an orange glow in a nearby field. The “female” spirit is white in hue and is usually seen near the back of the cemetery. The far corner is also the home of a third legend, that of a piano that plays at midnight. This legend is clearly tied to an unusual looking headstone set apart from the others. With its oversized piano keys, it appears to memorialize a child, perhaps one with an interest in music, but there is no name or date to give any clues as to who it belonged.

Hotel Baker was no stranger to tragedy. According to local legend, a chambermaid employed at the hotel drowned herself in the Fox River after her fiancé abandoned her at the altar. Another version claims the maid’s lover was also a hotel employee, and he left her after a long and disappointing night of poker. The hotel chambermaids formerly lived on the sixth floor, which was converted into the penthouse suite. Guests on the sixth floor report hearing cries and having their bedding disturbed by unseen hands.

Which of these two locations do you think is the scariest? Leave your comments below!

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  1. This to me is pretty creepy: hearing cries and having their bedding disturbed by unseen hands.


    • wow how creepy but I think that Harrison cemetery is more scary and creepy it has 3 ghost and cry baby bridge


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