A Grisly Discovery on Munger Road

Click here to download the entire issue!

Click here to download the entire issue!

Mike led the group around the cable barrier. The further they got from the road, the stronger the strange smell became.

“I don’t hear that noise at all anymore,” Davin whispered. “Do you think the smell and that noise have something to do with each other?”

“We’re about to find out.”

Down the grassy path, near the sign for Pratts Wayne Woods, the landscape dipped down so that a sizable rectangular area lay outside their line of sight. The smell seemed to be coming from over there, and every gust of wind brought with it a small puff of smoke. The Fallen crouched and crept toward the edge of the embankment. They found it steep but shallow. There seemed to be something glowing down there, but what it was could not be discerned until The Fallen got a little closer.

Suddenly, an icy chill washed over the group. Lying in the snow in the middle of the depression was what looked like a large doll dressed in tattered clothes. Nearby, several glowing embers flickered around a collection of objects barely visible in the mix of mud and snow. There were footprints and drag marks all over the bottom of the rectangular depression, and enough snow was missing from the sides to reveal the cement edges of a house foundation.

At first, no one said a word. Then Greg spoke up. “Please tell me that isn’t what I think it is,” he said.

What happened next? Download Volume 5 issue 1 of the Legends and Lore of Illinois to find out!


New issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois will be posted throughout 2012, after a year’s hiatus. To celebrate its return, we have created a series of 4×6 postcards depicting the location discussed in each issue. Simply click on the image to your left to download a high resolution .jpg of this month’s postcard, then send it to your local Walgreens to have it printed. Collect all twelve! Loyal fans who collect all our postcards this year will be eligible for a drawing in December that will determine who is the greatest fan of the Legends and Lore of Illinois of all time!


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