Interview with Michael Kravchuk, The Ghost Gadget Guy

Michael Kravchuk has been poking around in the dark since he was a kid. Growing up with shows like In Search of and Unsolved Mysteries, Michael’s interest into the Paranormal grew. Believing we cannot prove what we cannot document, his ghost hunting moved from cameras and tape recorders, to full spectrum cameras and ultra-sonic amplifiers. In 2009, he developed to take an open minded approach to review the latest tools and devices in the ghost hunters arsenal.

How did you first become interested in ghosts, and what attracted you to the technological aspects of paranormal investigation?

While other kids were reading Archie comics, I was reading Hans Holzer. Living in Chicago, I was fortunate to be able to visit many of the famous haunted locations, The Country House, The Red Lion Pub, Hull House, Excalibur, etc. I always looked beyond the legend for logical explanations for hauntings. But sometimes, the preponderance of similar stories and phenomena led me to believe that there had to be something paranormal happening. It was the ability to capture and track these phenomena that intrigued me.

During your travels to paranormal hotspots, you claim to have experienced disembodied voices, cold spots, and hair that stood up on your neck, among other things – which paranormal experience has been the most convincing for you?

My earliest “what the heck” moment was at the Country House in Clarendon Hills. Years before I ever heard the legends, I was visiting the restaurant and kept hearing a baby crying. My friend claimed she couldn’t hear the baby, but I kept hearing this child cry. I actually left the bar area and walked through the restaurant and couldn’t find the poor thing. When I returned to the bar, the crying continued. It wasn’t until years later I heard the legends. Having someone blow in my ear at the Red Lion Pub, and getting grabbed at the Coronado Theater (neither with anyone near me), was pretty amazing too.

Over the years, you have reviewed dozens of different types of equipment. What would you say is the best tool for ghost hunting, and what would you say is the worst?

The best tool is patience! Ghosts do not appear on demand! As far as gear goes, a good audio recorder has been the tool that produces the largest volume of evidence, either capturing the disembodied voice you heard or via Electrical Voice Phenomena aka EVP. You can get CD quality recorders for less than $100 now. As far as the worst . . . if it says Ghost Detector on it, don’t waste your money.

Why do you believe that there are some instruments which can measure or record the presence of ghosts? Do you believe the equipment is measuring the ghosts themselves or merely their effect on the environment?

I firmly believe the devices we use capture the residual effects that paranormal phenomena have on the environment. Cold as well as warm spots have been captured. Increases in EMF fields, gamma radiation, polar static changes, and ION activity have all been captured during events. Singularly, these can be whisked away as an anomaly. But when these changes occur, in conjunction with paranormal activity (voices, sounds, shadows, etc.), it gives more credence to the fact that something abnormal, hence paranormal, MAY be occurring. Again, we have yet to prove ghosts even exist. It’s the continued scientific approach that the field is turning to that is leading the skeptics to admit that something is going on.

Do we need all these gadgets and gear? No. But science, nor skeptics, will ever take this seriously without repeated measured data. Since we can’t make ghost act on demand, even at high activity areas, we have to clearly and consistently document what we observe.  Being able to capture, log, and show that when we experienced X, we captured Y, will add validation to the phenomena we have been experiencing.

How can our readers get in touch with you if they would like your input on a piece of equipment or some other aspect of paranormal investigation?

Please visit!!


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