Mysteries of the Rose Hotel – Part 2 of 3

By Bruce Cline, director of the Little Egypt Ghost Society

Rose Hotel, McFarlan Suite - Photo by Bruce Cline

Oct 5, 2009 – I was standing in the center of the McFarlan Suite in total darkness and took this photo with my digital camera and flash. I was the only living person in the room at the time. Note the image of a man looking out of the far left corner of the mirror. We went back to this room Feb 11, 2010 and tried to debunk this photo. No matter what we did, we could not recapture Tote’s image in the mirror. This photo is positively PARANORMAL.

A close up view of Tote's ghost in mirror in the McFarlan Suite of the Rose Hotel.

This is a vintage photo of Tote Wood at the Rose Hotel.

We conducted several EVP experiments while at the Rose Hotel with very interesting results:
Q. “Are you alone?” A. “YES”
Q. “How do you feel?” A. “FINE”
Q. “Where are you now?” A. “RIGHT BEHIND YOU”
Another EVP captured with our camcorder said: “WE ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS”

Check out part 3 of this investigative report on Monday, and read more about the Little Egypt Ghost Society in this article by the Daily Register. Have a wonderful Christmas!



  1. tamera says:

    Very nice. Finaly looked to see if there was anyone in my area. lived in mo almost all my life. There are many stories and things to see. : Here.


  2. Bruce Cline says:

    Be sure to look for this story and more in the new book by the LITTLE EGYPT GHOST SOCIETY, “HISTORY, MYSTERY and HAUNTINGS of SOUTHERN ILLINOIS”. The book is published by Black Oak Media.



  1. […] voices. You can read Bruce Cline’s description of their findings in three parts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part […]


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