Our Interview with “White Trash Peg” of

I am very happy to present this interview with Peggy Clydesdale (aka “White Trash Peg”) who was one of the Internet’s pioneers in collecting Illinois ghost stories. Her website continues to be a wealth of information about places not covered by other authors and websites.

Check out the entire interview here!

When and why did you first start compiling a list of haunted places in Illinois on your website ( Did it take a while for the public to respond or did people start sending their own contributions right away?

I used to have huge Halloween parties, and my first website was a Halloween site – with DIY projects, articles on the history of Halloween, recipes, and one section on Illinois ghost stories. As the site evolved, the ghost stories became the focus. Some of the only areas being covered in Illinois at the time were the Alton and Decatur areas by Troy Taylor and the Chicago area, of course, by Ursula Bielski and others…

What do you think about shows like “Ghost Hunters?” Have they changed the way you view this subject?

There are very few of those shows I can sit though without rolling my eyes or giggling. How do you capture a fleeting, unpredictable, highly subjective phenomenon on film every week to display to an eager audience? You can’t, that’s how. So you embellish non-events with theatrics and other silly displays of Hollywood magic. My favorite is the duo from the dead celebrity ghost hunting show. They were great.

“Oh my GOD! I can distinctly smell flatus here in the downstairs bathroom of the late, great Joan Crawford! I feel… I feel… OH I NEED TO LEAVE THIS PLACE! Joan? Joan? Do you want us to leave? You want us to leave because you are… you are… pooping? I CAN’T BE HERE ANYMORE! SOMETHING DOESN’T WANT US HERE!” (Flees to stage left, tears streaming down his face under the eerie glow of night vision cameras)…

Interested in what else Peggy has to say? Check out the entire interview now!


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