Uncover the Mystery of Monmouth’s Crybaby Bridge!

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Many years ago, as lightning flashed and storm clouds swirled overhead, a young unwed mother—driven mad by the pain of abandonment, regret, and the fear of being ostracized—hurled her week old baby boy over the trestles of this rural bridge into the swirling water below. Ever since, passersby have heard the spine-tingling cries of a baby struggling to breathe. Or, so the story goes…

Download this entire issue, featuring the history & hauntings of Monmouth’s Crybaby Bridge, the adventures of The Fallen, trivia, and much more! Also, don’t miss our exclusive interview with Angie Johnson, who has photographed over 550 cemeteries in Illinois!

Click on the cover above to read a section from the new issue, or click here to order the complete issue in .pdf.

From “The Fallen Investigate”:

Mike scowled and climbed back into the driver’s seat, and while Aurelia slammed the hood shut, he shifted the gear into neutral. Aurelia and Emmer stepped to one side of the bridge and folded their arms across their chests. There they awaited the outcome of Mike’s experiment. Much to everyone’s surprise, the car began to move forward. It rolled slowly across the bridge until it came to a stop on the opposite end. Cautiously, Mike turned the key in the ignition. The engine rolled over and sputtered to life. As Aurelia and Emmer rushed to get back inside the car, Mike threw the gear shift into park and turned off the engine.

“What the hell are you doing?” Aurelia demanded.

Emmer Says:I always take what Mike says with a grain of salt, but honestly, I’m stumped when it comes to this bridge. On one hand, it’s obviously an urban legend, but on the other, we have eyewitnesses who have tested the legend and demonstrated that there is at least some truth to it. Is something paranormal going on here? I’m going to say no, but then again, I am the skeptic of the bunch.


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