squad4The first rays of sunlight peaked over the tops of the trees surrounding Aux Sable Cemetery as mosquitoes buzzed around Mike’s head. Annoyed, he swiped them away from his glasses. “I’m not picking up anything on the ‘instrument,’” he said as he dangled a quartz crystal from a black cord.

Emmer rolled his eyes and waved his hands through the air. “I’m charging you ten bucks for every mosquito bite,” he said.

Without warning, a light pierced through the opaque fog and radio static announced the presence of a sheriff’s cruiser.

Mike swore, and The Fallen looked around for a place to run, but they were cornered. Their Toyota Corolla was sitting a few feet away. They would have to come back for it eventually, and the sheriff would be waiting.

As the deputy opened his door, Mike shot a worried glance toward Aurelia. There was no telling what she would do.

To find out what happens to our intrepid adventurers, download and read our latest issue!


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